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The INGWE™ Hang-On Treestand

The INGWE™ Hang-On Treestand

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The INGWE™ Hang-On Treestand is the ultimate solution to your mobile hunting setup. At an unmatched weight of just 5.0 pounds, The INGWE Hang-On Treestand goes where no other treestands can go! 

With adjustability, mobility, and safety in mind, The INGWE™ Hang-On Treestand includes full seat/platform leveling capability, 6" wide stand-off for extreme tree angles, cam buckle strap slots for superior gear attachment, and a first of its kind belt loop hook for hands free tree ascension.


** 3-4 Week Lead time on Orders**


Stand Specs:


ONLY 5.0 lbs

- 24" X 15" Platform

- 18" Seat Height

- 10" X 7" Seat

- 6" Wide Standoff

- 300lb Weight Rating

- ASTM Certified

- Grade 8 Hardware

- Patent Pending Technology 



- First of its kind Built-In Belt Loop Ascension Hook

- Dual Cam Buckle Attachment Points 

- Platform Leveling Capability 

- Seat Leveling Capability 

- Grip Notched Platform

- Built-In Anchor Points for Gear

- Top Quality Material and Components




- 1" Closed Cell Foam Seat Cushion 

- 2 Cam Buckle Straps

- Pair of Backpack Straps 


** The foam seat, cam buckle strap, and carrying straps add weight above what is listed for the stand itself. The indicated weight is approximate and may vary slightly due to manufacturing processes.**

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